Biography of Yuri Likhachov

Yuri Yakovlevich Likhachov is Honoured Activist of Culture of the Russian Federation, director of the V.V. Andreyev St. Petersburg Children’s Music School, author of several published arrangements for accordion, developer of a highly original method aimed at initial musical training.

Yuri Likhachov was born on May 9, 1931, in Voronezh. He graduated from the Petrozavodsk Music College (1957) and from the Moscow Gnesinyh Institute (1962).

Since 1963 Yuri Likhachov is working in Leningrad as a teacher and director of music schools.

Pieces and arrangements of Yu. Likhachov were published since 1964 by various Russian publishers and since 1998 by «S. P. M. E. Editiоns» (the publishing program from the St. Petersburg Musette Ensemble).

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